Diet & Nutrition

Diet & Nutrition

Good diet and nutrition are necessary for — and key to — your child’s oral health


To ensure your child develops healthy teeth, eat nutritious foods, especially those high in calcium and minerals


Guard against early tooth decay — don’t put baby to bed with bottles containing formula, milk, juice, or soda
Use only water in the bedtime bottle
Sucking on a finger or pacifier comforts many babies
Try a pacifier at bedtime instead of a bottle
Begin teaching baby to drink from a cup at six months
Wean child off the bottle by 12 months

Early Childhood

Continue good nutritional habits
Serve foods containing sugar or starch only at mealtimes
Limit frequency of snacks
Choose healthy snacks like fruits, vegetables, peanut butter, and cheese
Sucking on a finger or pacifier comforts many toddlers, but can cause alignment problems after age four
If your child has special health care needs, talk with your dentist about diet and oral health